What do my clients receive?
Parents and children
Parents and children can get help with how to develop their child's self-esteem and self-image such that the child can achieve her goals. Parents will learn how to speak to children, not shout at them.
Business leaders or proprietors
Will be able to handle various situations and will learn to make uncomfortable decisions and especially how to inform their co-workers of such decisions without it affecting their sleep or appetite.

Especially leaders and owners of housing for disabled people can receive professional help to build a well-functioning team around their clients and the team will learn to work efficiently with their difficult clients without receiving complaints from relatives or authorities.
What will it give?
Parents can become happier and have more self-confidence with regards to themselves and their child. Communication with the child gets easier, and parents will find greater inner strength and be even prouder of their offspring. They can get children which respect their guidance without feeling stifled.
Leaders become more confident in their decisions and should not think much about what others think about these decisions. They are more accepted as sensible and just leaders.

Many executives for housing or institutions for people with learning disabilities and disorders should see their clients happy and happy, better functioning collectively and can expand their business