A. Alexandra Passeniouk
Psychotherapist, expert in raising successful children
What am I working with?
Successful child
A successful child is a child with a good self-image and good self-esteem. Only this combination helps the child reach their goals. As such, if you have children and wish to help and correct them or you're thinking about having children and wish to have a child which achieves her goals.
Approaching children with special needs
If you have a special needs child, for example with autism or another developmental disability, and you wish to have a good relationship with your child as well as for the child to have good self-esteem regardless the difficulties she might face.

I have a lot of experience with this, having worked with both young adults and parents and learned how to help a special needs child to integrate and thrive in society.
Консультация психотерапевта
Люди, которым требуется помощь психотерапевта для решения различных проблем. Это классическое направление, с которым я так-же работаю.
Повышение квалификации воспитателей\нянь
Преподавателями школ, которые хотят лучше преподавать своим ученикам. Тех кому не безразлично, чем они занимаются и что несут детям.
Help for business leaders
A leader is often faced with difficult situations when one has to make uncomfortable decisions in regards to business development and employees. In various leadership courses one learns how to lead but what's rarely discussed is how to make difficult decisions and how one is situated in the enterprise as well as at home (as it takes a lot to be a leader).

In situations such as the reduction of a business, restructuring and, the most difficult, the large resignations and leaves of absence which follow a reduction or restructuring of a business. Therefore professional help can be invaluable for a leader.
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